The Progressive College Network (PCN) is dedicated to quality delivery of English Language courses and the satisfaction of our students, who, at the end of the day are customers. We want to ensure that Ireland is a world renowned destination for students wishing to hone their English language skills while experiencing the culture and history Ireland has to offer. With that in mind, we also need to remember that the students have a responsibility to attend class and maintain an attendance rate of 85% (in accordance with student visa regulations and course terms & conditions).

The Progressive College Network was formed with the clear goal and ethos of providing a coherent voice for language schools who wish to set themselves apart as quality institutions. We want quality to be the main focus of our institutions and have developed guidelines, best practices and QA measures to achieve this.

Each PCN institution follows guidelines which are laid down clearly for all members.

Responsibilities of Institutions within the PCN

All PCN Institutions are expected to:

  • Maintain a maximum number of 15 students per class
  • Maintain a clear & strict attendance policy
  • Ensure that teaching staff hold the proper teaching qualifications (minimum of a B.A. & ACELS accredited TEFL cert/CELT/CELTA)
  • Maintain a compulsory end of course examination policy (in accordance with student visa regulations)
  • Operate at the highest quality standards – in accordance with new PCN QA guidelines
  • Offer mandatory student course fee protection insurance (in accordance with new guidelines for language schools)
  • Participate in PCN meetings as required
  • Contribute financially to PCN related matters as needs arise
  • Stay abreast of any regulation changes
  • Operate lawfully, in accordance with all employer and tax regulations

Institutions discovered not to be strictly adhering to PCN guidelines, are subject to sanctions and the possibility of being permanently removed from the Private College Network.

Unacceptable practices which may lead to sanctions or removal from the PCN:

  • Any institution found to be in breach of student visa regulations
  • Any institution found to be involved in activities which are contra to INIS regulations
  • Any institution found to be involved in fraudulent practices